Anything downloadable from me that is not MMD related is here. This includes Sims, UTAU voicebanks, USTs, etc.


Komi Natsume - Strong Append (Beta)


[External link since Yola is being a pain in the booty and won't let me upload it here] 

Komi's updated voicebank with an oto.ini made by nekokamii 

now updated with a new picture by Carrie

Komi Komi
Size : 12027.779 Kb
Type : zip

Komi's old VB
Size : 12020.197 Kb
Type : zip

I forgot the 'wo' in her voicebank. It would be a bit of trouble to replace the entire  voicebank folder here, so just download the individual sound here and place it in Komi's voice folder.

wo.wav wo.wav
Size : 89.043 Kb
Type : wav

Recently I finished a cover of MATRYOSHKA with Komi and my good friend's UTAU, Tryana. See the video here  and download the MP3 below!

MATRYOSHKA_Tryana_Komi.mp3 MATRYOSHKA_Tryana_Komi.mp3
Size : 3160.032 Kb
Type : mp3

No you don't get the model trololol.

Click below for the MP3 of Komi singing Dear Cocoa Girls. Video can be viewed here.

Komi_CocoaGirls.mp3 Komi_CocoaGirls.mp3
Size : 3015.993 Kb
Type : mp3

I made my first UST: the adorable loading theme from Yume Nikki. The fanart above was obtained from Uboachan. 

Loading Please Wait Loading Please Wait
Size : 1.124 Kb
Type : zip

I've made more USTs with the help of MIDI files found on the interwebz.

More Yume Nikki USTs:

Poniko's House [dark].zip Poniko's House [dark].zip
Size : 0.859 Kb
Type : zip
Snow Snow
Size : 0.833 Kb
Type : zip
Size : 1.219 Kb
Type : zip

RPG Maker USTs:

Explore Explore
Size : 2.729 Kb
Type : zip
Panic Panic
Size : 4.579 Kb
Type : zip

Other USTs

Mario Mario
Size : 11.979 Kb
Type : zip
Cherry Blossom Storm.ust Cherry Blossom Storm.ust
Size : 12.643 Kb
Type : ust
Waka's theme.ust Waka's theme.ust
Size : 2.029 Kb
Type : ust
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